To bring out our message into the world we have found a voiceless voice. His name is Mister Pawa. He is living the good life, doing the kinda stuff we all dream of, but that’s just a side note. Mister Pawa has found his life purpose, which is inspiring people to unveil their own superpower.

Mister Pawa is everyone, but not everyone is Mister Pawa. His motto is ‘Pawa to the people”. Giving people the power to step up and make a change, because together we can!

He wants to do good for nature, animals and people. He is openminded and loves to explore our playground and many different cultures.

Inspiration is everywhere, but you need to be aware of it. Mister Pawa has African roots. He stands for peace and positivity. His rule in life is to be respectful. He supports a plant powered diet to do good for the planet.

Mister Pawa his goal is to bring awareness and to awaken the superpower in you to contribute your share into the world, because it is needed like never before.