SUPERPAWA TRAY – 24 pieces

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Refreshing drink with high caffeine content (30mg/100ml)
This energy drink contains Matcha green tea powder which provides a natural source of caffeine
The flavour is mango – citrus with a hint of Matcha


Weight: 6 kg

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Refreshing drink with high caffeine content (30mg/100ml), Matcha green tea powder and citrus- mango flavor.

Not recommended for children and pregnant or nursing woman.

Ingredients: water, sugar*, carbon dioxide, Matcha green tea powder* (0,2%), acidifier citric acid, caramel sugar syrup*, natural caffeine* (0,03%), stabilizer gum arabic, natural citrus flavor with other natural flavourings

*From organic farming

Organic Matcha from Kirishima, Kagoshima prefecture/Japan

Average nutritional value in 100ml:
Energy                    209kJ/49kcal
Fat                            0g
-saturated fat      0g
Carbohydrates    12g
-sugar                     12g
Portein                    0g
Salt                           0g

Shake the can gently before opening.
Naturally cloudy by bioavailable Matcha.


Bottled in Austria

  1. Duncan

    An energetic drink with a unique but very tasty taste. The citrus and mango twist ensures that it does not have the standard energy drink taste. With Matcha as the main ingredient, I can safely say that I choose responsibly

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